Smart Grid

Energy production is in a process of change. To reduce climate change and carbon emission became accepted targets in many regions of the world. The need for renewable energy sources has led to a growing ratio of green energy in almost all European countries.The EU aims to get 20% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020.

Training programme for smart-grid professionals

The installation of hundreds of millions of smart grid devices in private homes in Europe and energy producers’ investment in the grid infrastructure can create ten thousands of new jobs.

In the framework of European Commission initiative, Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs, Cisco together with the industry and education partners is creating a learning content for electrical installers. The content will qualify employees and young people in initial training for the roll-out of smart meters. The content will be made available on the existing Cisco Networking Academy platform. Teacher training will be supported and can rely on the installed base of Networking Academy structures.

Cisco Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs pledge.

Smart Grid Essentials Curriculum

Cisco developed an 80 hours course that delivers the technical competences for smart grid installers including simulation and hands-on labs. Based on a platform that serves 1 million of participants and a network of partners in vocational education and higher education all over Europe, Cisco will make this content available in several EU languages and adopted to national regulation soon.The Smart Grid Essentials Curriculum provides an introduction to smart grid technologies for electro-technology vocational students. This study programme also takes into account employees in electro-technology professions. 

The curriculum consists of the following modules:

  • Smart grid basics
  • Electrical current hazards and protection measures
  • Installation of smart meters with smart meter gateways
  • Network basics
  • WAN connections in smart grids
  • IT security in smart grids
  • Metering system configuration and initial operation
  • Interface to HAN (home area network)
  • Handling customers and meeting customer requirements

     In Germany, Cisco is developing the Smart Grid curriculum together with BFE.

The Smart Grid Essentials brochure is now available here

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